Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sharing the Gospel

Let me start this with it has been 11 months since I was on my own blog. I really should do it more. I haven't even looked at my friends blogs in that long. I guess it has been easier to just be on Facebook.

I am in the Pathways program through BYU-Idaho. This has been a great program that has given me great strength in my growth with the gospel. This week instead of teaching someone within my house or talking to people at work about school I have decided to make a blog post.

This week in class we went over several chapters in the Book of Mormon but what stuck out the most was Enos. His soul hungered. What does this mean? To me it is that he was struck with the feeling of he had to make that change so that he could go to to Heaven and be with his family forever. He was forgiven of his sins based off his faith. He did not need to see the Lord or have proof of him he just knew that he would be ok and be able to preach to his people and get things right.

The big thing is he went to the Lord in prayer. This is so powerful. He prayed for a day and night. He knew that his life was not right and had to have this "confession" with the Lord. We all know that the Lord knows and sees all but he knew he needed to make things right. We are taught to go to the Lord in prayer. We start our day with prayer and end our day with prayer. This is important, we need to thank the Lord for the day before us and then we need to welcome the challenges or trials that may have occurred through the day and figure out how we are going to get through them and be thankful that we have the Lord with us to help us get through these things. We don't have to understand everything right away but with time we can get the understanding as to why things are how they are. Answers don't always come fast. Enos was blessed that he was able to get his forgiveness in that short time. Enos made the changes he needed to make to become a great person before the Lord so that he could rejoice in the mortal becoming the immortal when the time is right.

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Shanna said...

That was really neat to read. Thank you for that.